MY SAIL is involved in four essential programs to help get more kids sailing and racing multihulls.  Here is a snapshot of what we are about:

Sail  Camps

MY SAIL continues to be heavily involved in supporting sailing and racing clinics designed specifically for youth.  Our instructors are US Sailing certified.  The clinics are usually 3-day mini sailing camps.  For a description of the sites for our youth camps in the Pacific NW, click here.

The camps include classroom instruction as well as on-the-water coaching.  Boats and gear are provided by MY SAIL or a sponsoring organization.  Racing tactics and strategies are introduced based on the skill level of the participants.  This is a great way for kids to build relationships with other multihull youth sailors, as well as build confidence, accountability, and responsibility.  We even have scholarships available if cost is an issue.

Racing Scholarships

Many youth teams have “the need for speed”, and want to compete at higher levels.  The cost of travel to bigger events for better competition can be prohibitive for many youth teams.

To lessen that burden MY SAIL has developed a grant program.  Teams interested in participating in a national or world championship event, or other special event. can submit an application to MY SAIL to have some of the cost of the event subsidized through a grant process.

The application focuses primarily on budget and goals in order to teach the teams some of the important elements of developing and running any sailing program.  Interested teams should contact MY SAIL for more information at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  A Scholarship-Support Request form can be found here.

Funding Conduit for Existing Programs

Something we are really excited about is supporting some really great efforts out there by some very passionate sailors.  Our goal is to support 5 regional centers that are and will be easily recognized as resource centers for youth wanting to sail multihulls.  Currently we have identified and are working with the following groups:

  • NE — ??
  • SE — Red Gear Racing, Clearwater, FL
  • NW — Hobie Div. 4, Seattle, WA
  • SW — ??
  • Midwest — ??

Boat Leasing

Sometimes the hardest part of sailing is the cost of entry.  Sailboats aren’t cheap — to  purchase or to own.  It gets even tougher on a youth just starting out in life, or a young family struggling to make ends meet.  Enter MY SAIL.

Through MY SAIL youth/families will be able to lease a multihull for an entire sailing season.  The youth team will be responsible for transporting the boat to race sites, entry fees, lodging, food,  and maintenance and repairs,  MY SAIL may subsidize the race entry fees.

The leasing team will have a mentor assigned to them.  This mentor will be responsible for training them on maintenance and repairs, as well as off and on-the-water coaching.  At the end of the season if the team wishes to purchase the boat at a reduced rate the leasing fee may be applied to the purchase price.