Big Update

Soooo much has been going on in advance of the Blakely Rock Benefit Regatta. We have an absolutely HUGE raffle planned for the awards party. It is amazing. This year, in addition to all of the usual boat haulouts, boat parts, and gear, we also focused on experiences. Jazz Alley. MoPop. Seattle Shakespeare. Seattle (hot air) Ballooning. The list goes on.

More than that, we have added some fun stuff to the whole day. Start off your morning with (free) coffee and donuts (from Top Pot — the best!!). At the skipper’s meeting be sure to pick up a daffodil and/or tulip to throw in the water as you round the rock in memory of Kelly O’Neill and Carol Pearl. Then back at the barn (aka Sloop Tavern) we have some party surprises which should help the laughter flow!

If you have a boat, get it registered now on Sloop Tavern YC’s website. If you don’t have a boat then come to the party! Shenanigans abound!

Oh! (I almost forgot.) BIG, BIG shout out to the NW Marine Trade Assn. These are the folk who bring us the Seattle Boat Show every year. They awarded MY SAIL $2,000 so we can buy more boats and teach more kids on the water! Yeee hawwwww!!!! Thank you, NMTA!