SE Region

A cool thing about racing sailboats is the recognition when you do well. Nice job, guys!

OMG. The Southeast Region is on fire! Robbie Daniel and Jill Nickerson have been teaching youth and adults how to power up their program on multihulls since Robbie retired from Olympic-class racing. When they found out about MY SAIL it became a natural fit.

If you are looking to get on some spinnaker boats like F-18s or F-16s, this is the place to be. Wanna foil? Robbie is a master at getting you through the steep part of the learning curve.

Photo of Robbie Daniel
So you wanna go fast, huh? I think I know just the guy! Robbie Daniel has been sailing multihulls since God made water. That’s right — he’s that old! lol He is the coolest cat on the beach, hands down. His many Olympic campaigns taught him a thing or two about sailing multihulls that he is happy to share.

Robbie & Jill started years ago Red Gear Racing in Clearwater, Florida. Their sole purpose — teach and train people on making cats go fast! They are totally geared up with boats, helmets, video cams, drones, you name it. All you gotta bring is the attitude, baby! The need for speed! That’s what we’re talkin’ about. For more information about Red Gear check out their brochure.