Northwest Youth Camps

For the 2021 sailing season, MY SAIL offers youth camps at two locations — Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle (CYC) and Lake Quinault, WA.

Corinthian Yacht Club Sail Camps

Located at the north end of Shilshole Marina, CYC is considered the preeminent sailor’s yacht club for Seattle. Located on Puget Sound, Shilshole offers much steadier wind conditions than can be found on lakes or rivers. MY SAIL is excited to be partnering with CYC’s Junior Program to offer sailing camps on multihulls to youth in the Pacific Northwest.

The clubhouse offers ideal facilities. A projector and TV upstairs helps our US Sailing-certified instructors to present in-class instruction to the students before hitting the water. The bathrooms downstairs are clean, and the showers can provide a quick warm-me-up on cooler days.

Just outside the clubhouse are three floating docks. MY SAIL shares this dock space on a temporary basis, thanks to the generosity of both CYC and Seattle Yacht Club Junior Program. The floating docks allow us to keep the masts up and rigged for quick access to the water. We simply put the sails up, gear up with life jackets and other essentials, and push the boats into the water.

Please note: lunches are NOT included with CYC sail camps. Youth should bring their own lunch each day. Snacks and beverages are provided midday and after sailing.

Lake Quinault

Lake Quinault is situated on the Olympic Peninsula in the middle of the Olympic National Rain Forest. We have been sailing our Hobies on Lake Quinault for 30+ years. No speed boats are allowed on the lake (but we are allowed to have safety boats on the water). A mild, consistent, on-shore breeze usually means wonderful, double-trapeze conditions. The surrounding mountains are breathtaking, and the entire environment is so relaxing.

It is really fun to watch the kids show up at Quinault and for the first couple of hours try to access their cell phones. But after they realize that cell coverage up there is nil to non-existent, they switch gears and become kids again. They become inventive…and attentive! They learn how to sail all the while have the time of their lives. It is truly heart warming to watch the friendships and bonds that are formed.

We run our camp out of the Lake Quinault Rain Forest Resort Village campground. (Easy for you to say!) Tent camping is the norm for most of the kids, but RVs are the sanctuary of choice for the instructors. The campground has bathrooms, showers, and picnic tables under a gazebo roof. We schedule our camps for the dry season, so rain is the exception. Nevertheless, it is a rain forest and proper attire is recommended. Usually though the kids are running or sailing around in sunshine.

Please note: meals are included. The youth may be dropped off at the camp site the evening before the sail camp starts. Parents are asked to pick up their youth the day the camp ends.

Other locations

If you would like MY SAIL to put on a youth camp in your location please contact us and we will see what we can do. It is quite a bit of effort to transport boats around, so no promises.

Also, as an alternative to MY SAIL youth camps, Sail Sand Point offers junior sailing, and some of it on multihulls. SSP is located at Magnuson Park on the shores of Lake Washington.