Wanna buy a (barely used) C2?

This F-18 was used by a little old lady to sail to church on Sundays…and the F-18 Worlds going on right now in Sarasota, FL.

Shout out to Goodall Design, makers of the C2.  Goodall is auctioning off not one, but two, C2s for delivery after the Worlds finish at the end of the week.  But the really cool part, and the whole reason you are reading about this, is because they are supporting MY SAIL!!!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale (sail?) of the two sexy boats will be donated to C2MY SAIL Foundation.  Those proceeds will, in turn, be used to help N. American youth learn, sail, race, and play more on multihulls!  Thank you, Greg (Goodall), as well as Jill Nickerson of Red Gear Racing for making this happen.  This one really floats our boat!!

So if you have a knack for a new C2, get on their website for the live, worldwide auction and get yourself one of these hot, new boats.  You’ll be supporting multihull youth sailing in the process.  This is one of those events where coming in second is a winner!!